Best Buy to thrifty customers: Hit the road!

It seems that Best Buy are trying to rid themselves of those us who buy the loss-leaders and leave the store. Apparently they would rather fill the store with “Barrys” (High-income men), “Jills” (Suburban moms) and “Buzzes” (early adopters, interested in buying and showing off the latest gadgets).

I’m not a Barry.
I’m not a Jill
I’m not a Buzz
I am a Geek!

Who are the troublemakers? In the words of Brad Anderson, Best Buy’s CEO…
“They buy products, apply for rebates, return the purchases, then buy them back at returned-merchandise discounts.”

This is highly unethical behavior, but that can be solved by business practices (like using rebates that require removing the UPC, so that you cannot return the item afterward) rather than driving customers out of the store. But Mr Anderson continues…

“They load up on ‘loss leaders’, severely discounted merchandise designed to boost store traffic, then flip the goods at a profit on eBay.”

And your point is..? I see nothing wrong with this. But wait! There’s more…

“They slap down rock-bottom price quotes from Web sites and demand that Best Buy make good on its lowest-price pledge.”

They you should not make promises you cannot keep – or at least restrict pledges to retail outlets in town.

Sounds like BB’s business practices are the real problem here.

I have not done much shopping in BB, but this only serves to make me want to shop elsewhere. Of course BB has a bad enough reputation is it is – in my opinion they have only themselves to blame. (Thanks to Codewarrior for this news.)

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