Spammer Conviction – it’s about time

Back in the 60s, the Internet was designed by engineers and geeks (not Al Gore!) – trusting individuals, who tended to assume that everyone else’s motives were as altruistic as theirs.

They were wrong. It was not long before the make-a-buck, something-for-nothing freeloaders showed up and assumed that the internet was designed for them for the purpose of taking advantage of others.

The situation has been getting progressively worse for years, until we now have a situation where more than half of the e-mail flying out there is junk.

I have always maintained that things would keep getting worse until a spammer was strung up. Until now, the spammers have always enjoyed minimal risk – the chance of getting caught was remote. At last we finally have a conviction for one of the more prolific spammers.

I hope that this marks the turning of the tide, but I suspect that it will not. Spammers are not exactly the most ethical people out there, and the cynic in me suspects that they will just dig in and make themselves harder to find.

One thing disturbs me – how much of his estimated $24 million fortune in ill-gotten gains does he get to keep?

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