Wally of the week

Once on a while I stumble across an opinion that is so badly misinformed that it makes me want to pillory the miscreant in public.

The piece in question is called Top 10 reasons mothers, church don't know squat about video games. Here is my reply; the top 10 reasons I think that the author does not know what he is talking about.

  1. No feedback or comments link. Apparently the website does not want to hear any dissenting opinions.
  2. No e-mail link to the Author. Apparently he does not want to hear how wrong he is.
  3. No mention of the author's qualifications to be an authority on this subject.
  4. No link to author's blog or his body of work.
  5. No references to any supporting documentation.
  6. Author attempts to portray anyone who disagrees with his mindset as hysterical, judgmental and closed-minded…
  7. …with a piece that that is hysterical, judgmental and closed-minded.
  8. Missing the point, part 1: It's not the indiscriminate killing of aliens that is the point, it is the indiscriminate killing that is the point.
  9. Missing the point, part 2: It is not the playing of such games that is the problem, it is the making available of those games to children who are too young to be playing them.
  10. Missing the point, part 3: "You are what you eat". Feed yourself a diet of blood and gore for long enough and you will become desensitized to it. Armies everywhere know this. While adults are able to distinguish between fantasy and reality and "walk away from the game", children are not able to do this so easily.

In short, what a wally.

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