You’re losing me…. Jaguar

In my younger days, like so my other boys of my age, I wanted a "Jag". Those sleek, sexy road going beasts were the envy and desire of many a small – and not-so-small – boy.

As I got older, my priorities changed, and driving a beautiful car became less important to me. Ford's acquisition of Jaguar didn't help much; besides, I came to realize that there were two kinds of car – those you want, and those you can afford.

Some months ago I found out that Jaguar were giving away free heart rate monitors, so I went to the appropriate website and signed up for one. Naturally they wanted you to opt-in to their junk mail lists in order to get the freebie, but I considered that a reasonable trade-off in exchange for a free heart monitor.

Months went by and no heart rate monitor graced my mailbox with its presence. Finally I got an e-mail from Jaguar telling me that "due to unforeseen demand" they had. "run out" of heart rate monitors..


I immediately punched up the original website and was dismayed to see that they were still accepting applications for free heart rate monitors… that they didn't have.


I then sent off an e-mail to Jaguar that asked the to explain the situation and prove to me that a fraud was not being perpetrated. There was never any reply, though the offer site was taken down some time later.

Dear Jaguar, If you are reading this, I am so very disappointed in you. You have ignored a reasonable question from a customer. Having perpetrated what I consider to be a fraud in order to build a mailing list, you have sold out your good reputation for a few dollars. I am not the only one who feels this way.

If anyone actually received a heart rate monitor through this offer, I would love to hear from them.

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