Book Look: Out of America – Keith B Richburg

Keith Richburg is an American. He is a reporter. And he is black. This book is his travelogue of Africa, where he spent several years in various countries on the dark continent.

  • Being black, he thought that he could “blend in” with the local populace. That was before he found out how the local populace lived.
  • He believed that the western powers could fix things…. until he saw them try and fail disastrously in Somalia.
  • He believed that sending aid to poor countries helped… until he saw most of that aid being diverted into the pockets of the local warlords.

This is the story of a man who has seen, first-hand, the devastation caused by the wars that have wracked nations where no-one counts the bodies. A man who returned home proud and grateful to be an American.

If this book does not move you to tears, not a lot will.

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