Opinion: If men REALLY ruled the world…

  • Hallmark would have gone out of business back in in 1947
  • St. Patrick’s day would be a National Holiday.
  • So would the day after Superbowl Sunday.
  • Valentine’s day would be abolished.
  • She irritates me“, “she talks too much” and “she expects me to get on with her parents” would be valid grounds for divorce.
  • The top-selling vacuum cleaner would be a riding model.
  • Synchronized swimming and Ice-Dance would be removed from the Olympics.
  • They would be replaced with Lawnmower racing, dwarf tossing and beer drinking.
  • The Triathlon would consist of all three.
  • Cats would be an endangered species.

Still think it’s a man’s world? Visit Saudi Arabia – where they have their women right where they want them…

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