Smart… very smart

In the BMW museum in Munich there is a car that carried four people and did 30mpg.

It was built in 1938.

Nearly seventy years later we have cars that… er… carry four people and do 30mpg.

So what went wrong?

Well, every time the engineers figures out a way to squeeze a little more power out of a given engine, the marketing boys make the vehicle a little bit bigger.

We simply don’t like small cars… or at least we didn’t; now that gas is over $2/Gal thanks to OPEC.

Introducing the Smart Car. It’s small (seats only two), it’s light, it’s kinda ugly, it’s cheap, and it’s… small. It has a tiny three-cylinder 57HP turbocharged engine, Electronic Stability Control.

Oh, and it does 60+ miles per gallon.

Did I mention that it’s small?

It’s a big hit over in “Yoorup”, where petrol is expensive and small cars are the norm, but it will never catch on over here… or will it? Let’s face it; here in America we love BIG cars, BIG trucks and HONKING great SUVs. We like our metal plentiful and heavy, as we equate weight with safety. We give lip service to fuel economy, but our purchasing decisions show that we really don’t care about either the environment or about gas prices.

Yes, the Smart Car looks silly, but then so did those Japanese econoboxes back in 1975.

It may not be long until they are over here.

The Invasion has begun.

Oh, and I want a Roadster 🙂

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