Software piracy ‘seen as normal’

 An interesting piece from the BBC. Once again someone has had to pay researchers to reach a conclusion that everyone already knows. Once again the entertainment industry is bleating about lost profits.

One thing that does rankle with me if the repeated description of Software Piracy as "Theft". It is not – for theft there has to be a gain and a loss. Not every pirated copy is a lost sale. Piracy is, however, copyright violation, which is a completely different issue… but I suppose that it does not scan like "Piracy is Theft".

For the record, I do not pirate games. I buy them used or heavily discounted. I am sure that the industry considers me to be part of the part of the problem, but it’s cheap and its legal.

I’ll close with this quote from Wil Wheaton:

Piracy becomes a problem when those studio-released DVDs are copied not by people like me… but by organized crime in Asia. I'm no expert, but it seems like the MPAA would get a much bigger return on their investment if they stopped going after college students and went after the factories that turn out legitimate movies by day, and switch over to pirated material at night.

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