A bad day for London

Bombs went off in London today.

But for the grace of God, I would be in the middle of it.

It appears that the terrorists think that they can scare us out of Iraq by blowing up a few bombs, that they can influence the course of a country by killing some civilians.They couldn’t be more wrong. Memo to Al-Q: Check your history books.

  • This is a nation that stood alone against the might of a heavily-armed Germany and prevailed.
  • A nation whose 700-plane Air force swatted out of the sky a German Air force that outnumbered them five to one.
  • A nation that Irish extremists tried to bomb into submission… and failed.

And you think you’re in with a chance?

As they say over here in the US, "bring it on". This is not Spain, a nation of cowards that can be scared into voting for the quisling with a few threats and one well-placed bomb.

To quote Churchill, "You do your worst – and we will do our best"

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