You’re losing me… DELL

I recently went shopping for a Laptop for my church. Dell is my first choice, since I've used their kit before, so my first port of call was naturally their website.

For some strange reason, they have divided up the company into Home, Business and Corporate. Each has their own sub-website with their own specific deals and offers.

The main requirement for the hardware was that it supported dual displays – the ability to see one thing on the laptop screen and something else on the projector. All that stood between me and a sale was the answering of this one technical question……the trouble was that I could not get a definitive answer.

  • One technical support rep said "All of our notebooks will do that"
  • Another said "Any notebook that has the upgraded ATI graphics hardware"
  • Another said "Only the Inspiron 9300".

Come on, guys, get your story straight!

Dell Home offered the best deals. On offer was a $600 off coupon that could be applied to any machine over $1500. Nothing else that Dell Small Business offered came close, but only they were equipped to deal with non-profits. Perhaps Dell have decided that Businesses are willing to pay more, and should therefore be charged more.

I eventually gave up and bought a Toshiba Satellite from a nearby Office Depot.

My advice to Dell… Do what it takes to make the sale!

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