Another thrilling episode of “Lawyers Gone Wild”…

"Here's the scoop. Penniless dude scrounges together some FedEx boxes and makes some furniture out of them. He puts up a website showing his work.

FedEx gets upset and their lawyers send him a "cease-and-desist" letter that claims, among other things, that he is in breach of the DMCA (huh?).

He consults a lawyer, who tells FedEx that the DMCA is a Copyright law and this is really a trademark issue – and a weak case at that. The site stays up while the lawyers argue among themselves.

The saddest thing about this case is that it is so unnecessary – FedEx could have turned it into a massive publicity stunt at minimal cost to themselves. As it is, they have given me one more reason to not do business with them – they're paying their lawyers too much…

Personally I hope this one goes to court and they get their collective noses bloodied. Given that FedEx and their Lawyers have proved to me that they have their collective heads where the sun don't shine, that would be quite a trick.

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