Stupid Car Names

  • Tundra – Large expanse of Barren Wilderness – a whole lot of nothing.
  • Canyon – Great big hole in the ground – another whole lot of nothing.
  • Grand Marquis – Fat Nobleman or Big Tent? You decide…
  • Rendezvous – Brazilian slang for an illicit… er… assignation. Don't come a-knockin' if the van is a rockin'.
  • Sequoia – Big. Old. Tree.
  • Cavalier – Careless or reckless. Do you really want such a person anywhere near you?
  • Tribute – Extortion, but on a national scale.
  • Mountaineer – Stupid parka-wearing git who swears a lot while risks life and limb in climing a perfectly harmless mountain. Why? "Because it's there"
  • Protege – Not the expert, the clueless apprentice standing next to him. Always two, there are
  • Caravan – a procession of camels and guys wearing sheets on their heads.

 Mine's a Saturn. I'm just glad that they did not name it after the next planet out.

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