Ten lessons that the RIAA refuse to learn

  1. File Copying is not theft… though it might be copyright violation. The two are not the same.
  2. Piracy is not the problem that you think it is; not every pirate copy represents a lost sale. Not every lost sale costs you $150,000
  3. Suing your customers is not the answer that you think it is; it will alienate your future customers.
  4. Don’t waste your time trying to find an unbreakable lock – there ain’t no such animal.
  5. Any attempt to charge your customers more and give them less will not succeed.
  6. Your name notwithstanding, it’s not about “art” – it’s about entertainment. Ephemeral, disposable, forgettable.
  7. The high-profit, money-fer-nuthin’-and-yer-checks-fer-free days are gone; get over it.
  8. Just because a new technology could be used to break the law does not make it inherently wrong. If that were the case, guns, crowbars and boxcutters would have to be banned.
  9. Telling me that I may copy my own music for my own use while using technology and legislation to prevent me from doing so is hypocrisy, and it is wrong.
  10. Never forget that you are middlemen – and as such you are perceived as unimportant and unnecessary.
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