Of junk mail and deception

Just got a mail piece. I could tell that it was junk mail because it was addressed to my housemate “Current Resident

I have always thought that this sort of thing should be outlawed on the very sensible grounds that if you don’t know whom you are sending the junk to, you should not be sending it.

It was one of those cards that you have to open by tearing on three sides. The back had something that looked like a check. When I opened it, predictably, it was not a check – it was a “Customer Cash Voucher”. Ho-hum… another car-sales pitch.

What really made me mad, though, was that the pseudo-check had the words “This is not a check” written on one side, and “Endorse check here” written on the other.

So… is it a check or not?

Naturally, the people who actually sent out this mailshot went to extraordinary lengths to avoid being identified and contacted in order to have my name removed from their mailing list. I did a little detective work and found that this event had nothing to do with the Kia dealership – they were only hosting the event.

Turned out that this promotion was actually run by an outfit called “Fleet Liquidators of America”, who apparently, sell ex-rental vehicles. They have been in some trouble with the Illinois Attorney General for spreading misinformation by advertising that a car dealership was going bankrupt in order to entice customers through the doors.

According to the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau, Fleet Liquidators of America is actually Gunning & Associates Marketing, Inc – and these folks have been in all kinds of trouble for deceptive practices.

Being hung by the ‘nads is too good for these folks.

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