Christian Band tells fans how to circumvent Copy protection on their CDs

The band is called Switchfoot. The bassist, Tim Foreman, has taken exception to the DRM copy-protection that Sony has put on their latest CD, "Nothing is Sound".

There is no way to distinguish legal file copying from illegal, yet the music business persists in believing that it ok to prevent us from copying our own music for our own use. They do this by using copy protection mechanisms to prevent us from repurposing our own music, then backing it up with bad rent-a-laws like the DMCA, which makes it a felony to even think about breaking that protection.

The PC games industry learned a decade ago that Copy Protection doesn't work. And I will not buy any music that comes with any "goodies" that will make me a felon for making my own personal copies.

Ironically, Tim is now a felon under the DMCA. Stay iTuned…

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