TiVo I: I have TiVo!!!

When it comes to Television, I’m a fussy so-and-so. I watch very few programs. This is partly because I have very so many other things taking up what little spare time I have (computers, reading, computers, writing, computers, playing the piano, computers…), but mostly because of scheduling problems, such as…

  • Nothing on when I am ready to watch something.
  • Live TV is full of adverts – even those channels that I pay to see, which simply isn’t right, in my book.
  • Interruptions; once the phone rings, it’s all over.

For this reason, much of my TV viewing has been DVDs and the occasional VHS recording. Way back in 2003, I first heard about something called “TiVo” on the Oprah Winfrey show. Sounds like a neat idea, but it’s not cheap. Hundreds of dollars for the hardware, $12/month for the service, or $250 lifetime.

Years went by. I kept my ear to the ground and my eyes open.

  • I found out that the “lifetime” service was for the lifetime of the hardware – if your TiVo dies, the lifetime service dies with it.
  • TiVo started offering a mail-in rebate. Initially $50, it went up to $100. Recently they raised it to $150 and required a twelve-month “contract”.
  • The service cost went up to 13/month or 300 “lifetime”.However, I was still unwilling to buy – it was that initial hardware cost hit – $100 after rebate – that was discouraging me.

Still, I kept my ear to the ground and watched for bargains.
Today I noticed that CompUSA was offering $50 off a $200 TiVo, bringing the take-home price down to 150… before a 150 mail-in rebate.

Hmm. Free after rebate, with the exception of a $9 contribution to the state government. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Anyway, I bought one today. More on this later.

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