Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

It all started when Mark Russinovich discovered stuff on his computer that shouldn’t be there.

Fortunately Mark is an Ubergeek who knows lots of stuff about how Windows works. After a little digging, he found out that

  • It hides itself
  • It pretends to be an integral part of Windows
  • if you find and delete it, it can damage or kill your operating system.

The culprit? An Audio CD published by Sony music that had a rather ham-fisted Copy-protection scheme designed by an outfit called “First 4 Internet”. No EULA, No disclosure or warning about what they are doing. Either they don’t know how to write software, or they think that it’s so important to protect any threat – real or perceived – to Sony’s coffers that it’s ok to damage other people’s computers while doing it.

Yet another reason to Just say No to DRM

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