What’s wrong with this picture?

According to This story from the Daily Telegraph, A Scottish driver makes the V-sign (the British equivalent of “the finger”) at a speed trap camera.

He was neither speeding nor driving dangerously, yet gets banned from driving.

  • Was the Camera placed there as a method of surveillance? No, it there to catch speeders.
  • Was he speeding? No.
  • Was a passer-by upset by his “offensive gesture”? No.
  • Did he lose control of the vehicle? No.

I think it a little heavy-handed to ban someone from driving for an offensive gesture that offended no-one… but apparently being rude to surveillance cameras is now a crime in Britain.

Personally, I think it should be a national sport!

Postscript: Actually, from the photograph, it looks like the V-sign was backwards, which as any British schoolboy knows is the V-for-Victory sign as popularized by Churchill (and later horribly mangled my Margaret Thatcher)

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