FedUp with FedEx

Those who know me are aware that I run a computer adoption agency. People give me their old machines and I clean them up and find new homes for them or strip them for parts. When a friend in Chicago mentioned that a friend of hers needed a computer, I was happy to put one together for her.

My friend asked me to ship it using FedEx, which I did. Big mistake. It arrived in pieces – about twenty. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

First the good news: The electronics all work, and the power supply is none the worse for wear. The keyboard was minus a couple of keys, but they were in the box and easily fixed, as was the mouse, which arrived in three pieces.

The bad news is that the faceplates of the CD-ROM and floppy drive are shattered, the former has electronic components missing, so it is dead. The latter works, but without a face I can only use it for testing purposes.

Finally, the ugly. The box was in tatters and the case is totalled – not just the plastic outer parts, which shatter easily enough, but the steel chassis is bent so badly that the case is unusable. You can stand on one of these things without bending it, so God knows what the Neanderthals at FedEx were doing with it. Probably using it as a football or crash-testing it with a forklift or somesuch.

To add insult to injury, their response was to offer $100 compensation.

Needless to say, I am FedUp with FedEx, and will not be using their service in the future.

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