Immigration Thoughts

There has been much ado in the news lately about immigration. I just wanted to clear up a couple of points.

  • There is no such thing as an “Illegal Immigrant”. Like the word “Citizen”, the word “Immigrant” is a word that describes a legal position. People who are here without going through Immigration are not immigrants – they are called Illegal Aliens.
  • Immigrants have rights. Illegal Aliens do not have rights … except for the right to be Arrested and Deported.
  • Illegal Aliens are Thieves. They do not pay taxes, which places a bigger burden on the rest of us.
  • People who employ Illegal Aliens are breaking existing laws.
  • America is made up of Immigrants. Not Illegal Aliens.

I know whereof I speak; I am an immigrant myself. I came over here in 1994, from England. Going “illegal” was not an option for me – I would rather return to England than spend my life working for slave wages and looking over my shoulder. I went through an eighteen-month INS Procedure that took six years (!) in order to earn permanent residence.

Deporting 10-15 million people is not is not an option, but giving citizenship to people who entered this country illegally is simply unfair.

I don’t always agree with the President, but he has to walk a fine line between legalism and compassion. No matter what he decides, he will upset millions of people.

Lincoln once said “”He has the right to Criticize who has the heart to help”. So, what suggestions do I have?

  • Those who are already here and are willing to pay their taxes, learn English and pledge Allegiance to the USA should have the option to become Legal Permanent Residents – not citizens.
  • Those who want to become citizens should return to their country of origin and reapply.
  • Enforce the Immigration laws already on the books.
  • The INS is horribly under-funded – adequately fund them so that they can do their job.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for your representatives to jump in here – neither political party is going to tackle this issue head-on, as both sides have too much to lose. The Republicans see illegals as a source of cheap labor; the Democrats see potential votes.
I close with a quote from Star Parker

There is something not convincing about illegal immigrants demonstrating to claim they have inalienable rights to come here, be here, work here, become citizens here – and make all these claims in Spanish.

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