More Music Madness

UK lawsuit proceeds against Russian MP3 site

The British music industry’s trade group has been cleared to sue the controversial Russian music download site in London’s High Court.”

Hmmm… a British trade organization has been “cleared to” sue a Russian Company (cleared by whom?), operating in Russia,under Russian laws.

Did I read that right?

Once again, the arrogance of the music business knows no bounds.

  • AoMP3 claims to be legal under Russian law.
  • The BPI claims that AoMP3 is not paying the artists.

I am no legal expert, but I think that both of the above facts are true. AoMP3 appears to be operating under a loophole in Russian law that allows downloads to be treated as broadcasts, which carry much lower royalties, if any. A loophole that has allowed AoMP3 to sell MP3s ridiculously cheaply. The BPI wants this loophole closed.

You would think that the operations of a Russian company would be of no interest to the British Phonographic Institute, but AoMP3 has become very popular, and many outside of Russia have been buying their music from AoMP3, much to the chagrin of the BPI and the RIAA.

That’s what this is really all about. Control and Money. Once again the BPI and their ilk have missed the point. In case they have missed it, here it is.

AoMP3’s popularity is about more than money, it is simplicity. Give me what I want, how I want it, at a reasonable price and I will buy. Otherwise I will take my money elsewhere.

Oh, and just say no to DRM

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