A long-overdue adjustment

Hollywood stars meet the real world. It’s pay cuts all round

Q: What do movie stars, CEOs and Professional Ballplayers have in common?

A: They all get paid obscene amounts of money for doing Sod All.

According to this story, the Movie studios have just come to a shocking realization that you don’t need big-name expensive actors to make profitable movies. Some of the biggest blockbusters (Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia) are not centered on big-name stars. On the other hand, some movie projects have been cancelled due to cost overruns… but thanks to craftily-written contracts, the actors still get paid.

Most disturbing quote: “Brad Pitt is another one who has taken a big cut in pay, from his customary fee of up to $30m down to just £750,000 for his latest, “The Assassination of Jesse James“.

Makes you wonder how much these actors are really worth, doesn’t it?

Favorite quote: “Hollywood has always thrown ungodly sums of cash at top-tier actors… It was a strategy that worked well enough until it didn’t“.

One down, two to go.

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