Wally of the Week: Domain Registrations of America

Just got a snail-mail letter from this outfit, asking me if I wanted to transfer my domain registration over for them.

I have been using these folks for several years now. I have had no problems with them, and they have my recommendation.

What’s wrong with this picture?


  • My domain is not due to expire for another six months. I don;t know why they are notifying me so early. Looks like a sign of desparation to me…
  • While they make it clear that “this is not a bill “, the language and wording, such as “Domain Name Expiration Notice” , I suspect that they are banking on some people signing up without knowing what they are doing.
  • They try to pass themselves off as low price (“when you switch… you can take advantage of our best savings”), but their prices are astronomically high – I pay less than $8 per year for my domain. They want $30 per year – nearly four times as much – for the same thing.

Either they are stupid or they think I am. NEXT!!

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