The gloves are off

I watched the president’s speech last night.

And I can’t remember the last time I was so bored.

Strange that a man who can hold my attention for an entire State of the Union address had me wandering off after less than five minutes.

I guess I had expected more. I had expected to see a little more contrition, perhaps a smattering of humility. What I got was a whole lot of strategy and war plans.

I was annoyed to see the familiar game of presidential buzzword bingo, as “Terrorism”, “September 11th”, “Al Quaeda” and “Democracy” and “War on Terror” were trotted out like thoroughbreds before the big race.

There were a few new words added this time round – was a lot of “bipartisan” action – as if, with a democrat-controlled Congress, he has any choice – along with “sectarian”. I have heard this word used to describe the troubles in Ulster (for those of you who failed Geography, that’s in Ireland), but this is the first time I have heard this word used in connection with Iraq. Expect to hear more of that one in the future.

I don’t need to know what or how or when. I want to know why.

Yes, a new strategy is needed in Iraq. We’ve known that for some time. But do we – and by extension, the bad guys – really need to know the details? Do they need to know how many additional soldiers are being committed and where they will be?

What was missing? Here are my suggestions:

We got spanked in the November elections. It is obvious that you are trying to tell me something.

Now we just need to finish the job and let the Iraqis get on with it. So the gloves are coming off.”

As an aside, I have often wondered how many of our leaders have “skin in the game” – how many of them have siblings and children out there on the front line. Very few, I suspect.

What I was most impressed about was that the President pronounced “Iran” correctly (“ear-raan” not “I-ran”); but someone needs to teach the leader of the free world how to correctly pronounce the word “Nuclear”

It’s not that hard.


Now Reading: Brave New Ballot by Avi Rubin

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