My Proposed Movie Copyright Law


  1. It is legal to videotape from TV and keep it for as long as you like.
  2. Technology is irrelevant. Downloading is not a crime, it is a way of moving information around.
  3. Providers of entertainment deserve and require the ability to profit from their work.
  4. Such protection is provided by copyright laws.
  5. Copyright is “for a limited time”, not forever.
  6. Eventually copyright comes into conflict with premise 1).


  • If a movie has not yet come out in any form that you can access, downloading and sharing shall both be felonies, punishable by jail time.
  • If a movie has come out in the theater but is not yet out on DVD, sharing should be a felony and downloading should be misdemeanors.
  • If the movie has been released on DVD (or has finished its theater run with no DVD issue scheduled), but has not yet been broadcasted on TV, sharing should be a misdemeanor and downloading should not be a crime.
  • If the movie has been on TV or has reached five years from its original release date, recording is legal, therefore neither sharing nor downloading shall be a crime.

It’s just an idea… but I doubt that the MPAA would like it.

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