Ron Paul for President!

Some years ago, my good friend the CodeWarrior told me about a chap named Ron Paul. A former Libertarian, He has been in and out of Congress since 1978. Ron got more votes than anyone in the 1988 Presidential Election… except George Bush and Michael Dukakis. He then ran for Congress as a Republican, won in 1999, and has held his seat ever since. In the 2004 election, the Democrats did not even bother fielding a candidate to run against him. Two years later he won with 60% of the vote.

What is so special about this guy?

Start by looking at his voting record. Whever a bill comes up for a vote, he looks in the Constitution to see if it is in keeping with that fundamental law. Given the fact that that most are not, and his medical background, he has become nicknamed “Doctor No”.

So what can we expect if he is elected?

He has just put together a committee to explore the possibility for a presidential run in 2008.

The Democrats offer more of the same – higher taxes, socialized healthcare (without answering the question: “Who pays for this?”), withdrawal from Iraq (a no-brainer, at this point). In spite of the promises that will be made, there is no real change here.

The Republicans have got nothing. Their reputations as “The War and imperialism party” (ill-deserved), and “the Corporations’ Friends” (somewhat less ill-deserved) have left them shattered and divided. Part of the reason is that the GOP have lost touch with their original vision of small government, low taxes, states’ rights and constitutional rule. In my opinion, only a return to their roots will capture the vision of the voters.

I have no illusions that his chances are slim, but I hope that he wins.

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