I’m a lackluster veteran – Yay!

Spotted this interesting piece of news. Traditionally, the boys and girls in marketing split people into three groups: “elite technology users”, “moderate users” and the rest, whom I shall call the technophobes, for lack of a better title.

The problem with this is that I do not fit into any of those categories. I work in IT, but I have a PDA and a cellphone. That makes me look like a techno-elite, until you consider the following:

  • The OS of the PDA has a copyright date of 2003.
  • The phone has no Camera and no MP3 player, and is on a Pay-as-you-go-plan. It is used typically 1-2 minutes a day.
  • I am absolutely opposed to buying a combined phone/PDA; I feel that they work better as separate devices.
  • My home machines Run Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Ubuntu Linux.
  • I have an unopened copy of XP professional (given to me by Microsoft). I have no immediate plans to install it on any machine, though I eventually will.
  • I have run the beta version of Vista for about six months. I was unimpressed, and have no intention of buying it.
  • I have talked several people OUT of buying Vista.
  • My fastest home machine runs at 2.4GHz – fairly pedestrian by today’s standard.

This makes me look like some kind of weird throwback to the days when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth… until I read the USA Today article I referenced earlier. These clever folks figured out that Techno-elites can be further subdivided into three groups. One of those groups is “Lackluster veterans,” those who use technology frequently but aren’t thrilled by it.

That’s me!

Now Reading: Women who make the world worse…, by Katie O’Beirne

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