Ten ways you know that Big Oil is ripping you off

  1. Everyone raises prices to the same price at the same time (except for one station charging a penny less)
  2. Bleating about “adverse market conditions”, when none of them has made a quarterly loss in living memory.
  3. Pleading “shortages” or “supply problems” when no gas stations are closed and there is no rationing.
  4. Prices spike up by 20,25c or more…
  5. …but only trickle down a few pennies at a time.
  6. Prices spike on Fridays, High Days, Holidays and whenever the circus comes to town.
  7. Prices spike in Summer and at Thanksgiving because you somehow failed to see them coming.
  8. Petrol $3.31. Diesel $2.65. Why? They both come from the same source and go through similar refining processes…
  9. Whenever there is the threat of a Governmental Inquiry, prices go down until the “threat” has disappeared.
  10. New day, new price. How much are you willing to pay today?

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