The company she keeps…

Many emotions fought one another as I saw this video on Youtube.

Hillary seems to believe that “Lobbyists represent real people”. That is partly true at best, disingenuous at worst.

As best I understand it, lobbyists represent corporations and trade groups. They do not represent voters. And they have money; if they did not, they would not be lobbyists.

Al Capone once said “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone”.  Lobbyists know that they can get much further with a political opinion and a check than they can with a political opinion alone.

Politicians need money. They need money to finance their political campaigns and their lifestyles. Lobbyists know this. From where I sit, lobbying is an ugly wart on the American political landscape, and an affront to honest people everywhere. It is in effect, legalized bribery.

There are some who say that lobbying is “buying good government”. I don’t believe you. The aim of lobbying is not to solve politicians’ financial problems, it is to make them aware of what you want. The money is simply a way to get in the door.

Here’s an easy way to prove me wrong. Donate your money anonymously. If you are “buying good government” this will be an entirely satisfactory solution. If not, you are seeking recognition… and it’s a bribe.

Shame on you, Hillary, for defending these people. And before you say “everybody’s doing it”, bear in mind that Ron Paul has never taken bribes lobbyists’ money, and he has a far more consistent record than yours. He was against the war in Iraq before he was against the war in Iraq (and before is was fashionable and popular to hold that position), he was against the Patriot act, and unlike Hillary his integrity has never been called into question. I believe that he may be one of the only honest men in Washington.

I close with the following words:

The American people look at their capital and they see a city where the well-connected and the well-protected can work the system, but the interests of ordinary citizens are often left out.

As the new Congress opened its doors, lobbyists were still doing business as usual – the gifts, the trips – all the things that people are concerned about haven’t stopped.

Twice this month you missed opportunities to stop these practices. I know there were other considerations in those votes, but I want to use something that I’ve heard my Republican friends say from time to time: There doesn’t have to be a law for everything.

So tonight I ask you to just stop taking the lobbyists’ perks, just stop.

Who delivered those wise words? President William Jefferson Clinton, in his State of the Union Address, Jan. 24, 1995. And there, dear reader, I rest my case.

Now Reading: Talk to the Hand, by Lynne Truss

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  • madmouser  On August 21, 2007 at 9:11 AM

    Well written and true. I also agree with your statement regarding Ron Paul. Leave it ti Capone to get to the bottom line. ha!

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