Die Spammer Die!

In the past few weeks, my personal e-mail address – the one I have through my ISP – has become inundated with spam. On a typical day I will get thirty to sixty messages; only about half a dozen come from people I know.

When I fire up the computer in the morning, there are more than a dozen messages waiting for me. They are a mixture of 419, software resellers, stock scams and pharmaceutical (V@gra! C1al15!), but the worst offenders – about two-thirds – are porn spams.

This is not only annoying to me, but it is upsetting to Milady, who has an address with the same ISP, and yet she gets no spam.

Several weeks have gone by and the problem is getting worse. My ISP’s solution is to sell me software to keep out the junk. They’re missing the point. By the time it reaches my inbox it’s already too late.

I know that I have done nothing to find myself in their sights, which begs the obvious question: How did this happen?

I can only assume that a legitimate website that I had been subscribing to has either been hacked; either that or it has gone out of business and the e-mail-list was bought up by someone with less-than-altruistic intentions.

I have set up a Gmail account and will be using it from this point forward.

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