Winners and Losers

Last night I went into my local Kroger’s to buy some lactose-free milk.

I initially balked at the price – nearly $4 for a half-gallon carton – but I don’t mind paying more for better service, so I grabbed one and headed to the checkouts.

Only three cashers were on duty.
The lines were long.
The U-scans were broken; they do not accept cash.
They have been broken since the store opened about a year ago.

If I am going to pay the cashier, I am not using U-scan.
And if I want to stand in line I will shop at Wal-Mart.

So I put the milk back in the cooler and went to the Meijer’s a little farther down the road.
There, I purchased their store brand milk for $2.80.
And did not have to stand in line.

I ain’t shopping there again until you do.
And make sure that you ALWAYS have enough cashiers.
You lose.

Meijer’s: You won. Keep it up!

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