Show us your papers…

While attempting to install SQL Server 2005 Express (free) Edition on a computer running Windows 2000, I was instructed to upgrade a component of windows called MDAC.

Microsoft has the latest version of MDAC, along with an MDAC version checker, available at their website. Unfortunately, in order to access these downloads, I have to submit to the ignominy of Windows Genuine Advantage.

For some reason I thought that WGA was only applicable to XP and Vista; somehow they have decided that Windows 2000 users are untrustworthy as well. I don’t know when they started doing this, but it’s news to me.

No, no, a thousand times no. I will NOT give Microsoft permission to go sniffing around my system to see if it is “legit”; it was legit six years ago when I bought it, and it still is today; that’s good enough for me, it should be good enough for them.

Windows 2000 and XP are very similar under the skin (Just look at the version numbers: Win2k=5.0, XP=5.1). However, that similarity does not stretch to running Internet Explorer 7 or the Media Player 11 – those products are unavailable to Windows 2000 users.

So the latest generation of tools are unavailable to me, but is is ok to saddle me with the latest generation of DRM.

Don’t get me wrong… I do not hate Microsoft, but I do feel that they have been allowed to get away with a lot of stuff we would not put up with from anybody else. That’s why I say “no” to XP and “hell, no” to Vista.

I didn’t sign up for WGA, and I don’t want it now.

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