I listen, therefore iPod

If you had told me three years ago that mine would be a two-iPod household, I would have doubted your sanity. I would have told you that Apple’s dedication to DRM would forever render the presence of an iPod in my life as an impossibility.

That was before a relative gave Milady a 2GB black iPod Nano that he wasn’t using. Funny how deeply-held convictions can melt in the face of free stuff, isn’t it?

When the CD player in my car quit working, I took to borrowing her iPod for trips to work. I got quite attached to the little gizmo. It soon reached the point that she rarely got to use it anymore, and when she did, she inevitably found out that it was full of the weird stuff that I preferred. We both agreed that I needed an iPod of my own. But 2GB was not enough. Neither was 4 or even 8.

You see, my music collection weighed in at about 27GB.

The problem was that the big iPods cost a lot of money; too much for me. After a few weeks of research, I snagged a used 40GB one from eBay for $71+shipping. I hope to get two good years out of it before upgrading again.

The purists among you may point out that I have sold out to Apple’s DRM lock-in, but I would point out that of my collection consists of approximately 2800 MP3s and precisely three songs purchased from the iTunes Store. Songs I could not easily get legitimately from elsewhere.

Like the iPod itself, the iTunes store “just works”. It is easy to purchase and download a song – even if I still think that 99c/song is too high (and the record companies think is too low). And if the DRM does prove too onerous, it is easy enough to break – for my own use, of course. Problem solved.

And Milady has her iPod back.

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