A tale of two sandwiches…

I have not eaten at McDonald’s for many moons; the last time was about six months ago, when I grabbed a couple of Filets-o-fish™ on the way home. When I got them home I was incensed to find that they had spent too much time under a warmer and had dried out; I had to go back and get replacements.

Last night, as I was heading home from Chicago, I was hungry. This was hardly surprising; it was about 4PM, and I had not eaten since breakfast. On the freeway I tend to prefer Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s or Steak-and-Shake. I usually get a chicken or fish sandwich. I also like Arby’s’ Beef-and-cheddar, but I don’t think it likes my arteries very much. However, none of these were in evidence on this particular stretch of freeway.

When I stopped to get some petrol, I wandered over to the McDonald’s that was attached to the filling station. I decided to “treat” myself to one of their new “Premium” crispy chicken sandwiches. Milady wanted something hot to drink, so I grabbed a cup of coffee for her and a helping of fries for my two-year-old God-son.

Back on the freeway, I took a bite of my chicken sandwich. It was very “dry”. A closer examination revealed a rubbery piece of chicken that tasted like cardboard. There was very little mayonnaise on it. The result was almost inedible; I got about half-way through it before I gave up in disgust.

Half an hour later I stopped at a Wendy’s, where I purchased a Crispy chicken sandwich and threw away the remainder of my McCardboard™ Sandwich and Milady’s coffee, which turned out to be horrible (this is not McDonald’s fault; their coffee is always horrible, but we were desperate…). At first bite I knew that I had a winner. The chicken was hot – straight out of the fryer, and tasted crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. As I ate, my brain reflected that the grilled chicken would have been kinder to my arteries, while my stomach said “Mmmmm… fried chicken!”

So… what have I learned? Well, it seems that McDonald’s still keeps food under warmers for way too long. I have also come up with an idea for a corporate slogan for McDonald’s at a petrol station: “Gas for you and your car

The final score, Wendy’s 1, McDonald’s 0.


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