The Quake of ’08

Last night there was an Earthquake that was felt throughout the Midwest. According to the newsies, it was measured at 5.2 on the Richter scale.

Naturally. I slept through it.

I vaguely remember thinking that a train was passing, though I was not awake enough to ponder the fact that no trains pass within a mile of our house. Milady remembers being awoken by someone shaking the bed.

This is nothing new; while tornados rampaged through town a couple of months ago, I was sleeping the sleep of the just. When Christ returns in glory, and raptures his church, we will be “Caught up in the air”… and I will probably be asleep.

I have one comment to make about all this:

In spite of the zillions of dollars – both public and private – that are spent on seismic / seismographic / seismological institutes, how is it that nobody saw this one coming?

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