The Force is strong with this one…

Review of Eragon

Long ago, in a galaxy land far far away…

It is a period of civil war tyranny. The galaxy land of Alagaesia has been taken over by a Sith Lord Dragon Rider.

Once the Jedi Knights Dragon Riders were the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy land of Alagaesia, but they were betrayed from within a rogue Jedi Dragon Rider who betrayed and murdered the rest.

Meanwhile, out in the middle of nowhere, a farm boy named Luke Skywalker Eragon finds himself caught up in his events he cannot control. He finds his Father’s Light Saber a Dragon Egg, and reluctantly at first, embraces the way of the Jedi Dragon Riders.

He is aided and mentored by Obi-Wan Kenobi Brom (played by the highly-acclaimed British Actor Sir Alec Guinness Jeremy Irons), an old Jedi Master Dragon Rider, who dies in battle saving Luke’s Eragon’s life about two thirds of the way through the film.

In the climactic scene, Luke Eragon confronts a the rogue Jedi Dragon Rider named Darth Vader Galbatorix, who has become a dark lord of the Sith King of Alagaesia.

Guided by a recording vision of a Princess named Leia Aria he ventures forth to rescue her. In the climactic battle scene, Luke Eragon takes out the Death Star Durza, the King’s Sorcerer with a well-placed pair of proton Torpedoes Sword Thrust right in the Thermal Exhaust Port, right below the main port heart. In so doing, he fulfills his destiny as the last Jedi Dragon Rider.

In spite of the numerous Star Wars comparisons, I found this to be a highly enjoyable film, though Ed Speleers (who plays Eragon) is a little wooden at the beginning. He plays the Heroic Dragon Rider far better than the callow farm boy.

Perhaps the best accolades go to the Dragon, Saphira, beautifully voiced by Rachel Weisz who conveys just the right mixture of emotion and feral power (Dragons choose their riders – their bond is so close that if a rider dies, so does the dragon, though the converse is not true) (the moment when she first breathes fire is one of the most triumphant of the entire film.

In the Sequel, the Empire King will surely strike back.

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