I recently saw a televised debate between the two presidential candidates, brokered by Pastor Rick Warren. He interviewed the two separately and asked them both the same questions. As a result of this “apples-to-apples” comparison I have changed my position, and am now, to my surprise, backing McCain over Obama; Here’s why…

  • McCain was not afraid to give unpopular answers to tough questions. When asked “When does life begin?”, he answered “at conception” without hesitation. Obama’s “that’s above my pay grade” looked like dodging the question.
  • McCain was candid about his failures. When asked about his greatest moral failure, he replied “The loss of my first marriage”. Obama’s reply was unmemorable.
  • When asked about the most gut-wrenching decision that he ever had to make, McCain mentioned the time he had to eschew early release as a POW in Vietnam (because his father was an Admiral)
  • When McCain said “I know how it feels to have it [liberty] taken from you” he had tears in his eyes; I don’t think he was acting.
  • McCain made his position clear on controversial Issues, while Obama went to great lengths to avoid alienating anyone.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama was the better speaker; more engaging and far more persuasive. It’s just that I did not hear him take a definitive position on any issue, while McCain was unafraid to take an unpopular or politically incorrect one.

Obama often speaks about “Change”, but , like Kerry, seems incapable of articulating what that change will be.

Obama’s speeches are all about consensus and compromise, and those are good things – if you are one of a hundred Senators. The President has no such luxury.

With all of the bad things that are said about George W. Bush – and some of them may even be true – I, for one, am glad that he, and not John Kerry – was not in the White House on September 11th 2001

Of course, all this is academic; I don’t get a vote.

Now Reading: Journey, by James A. Mitchener

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