Sunday Thoughts

The following thoughts occurred to me while at Church on Sunday. Naturally, the preaching

  • Jesus did not come to Earth to start a religion. This is obvious, but easily forgotten.
  • Separate “Clergy” and “Laity” is something that we invented. We are all supposed to be ministers
  • Faith is not about being comfortable! The author and perfecter of our faith (that’s Jesus, in case you were wondering) was, after all, homeless for the duration of his Earthly ministry, before he died the most agonizing death imaginable.
  • Faith is not about safety, either. Jesus was tortured to death. One of his disciples betrayed him and hung himself, another died in his bed, albeit in exile. The rest died violently and gruesomely. If you want safety, look elsewhere.
  • Only 10% of “ministry” should happen within the walls of a church.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Now Reading: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

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