While at the check-out at Wally-world last night, a notice on the till came to my attention. They will not be selling alcohol for part of November the 4th – next Tuesday. For those outside these fair shores, next Tuesday is election day.

  • You can buy alcohol on Sundays.
  • You can buy alcohol on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving day, Independence day and all of the other public holidays.
  • But you can’t buy alcohol on election day.

Milady tells me that this is to minimize election-day disruption (not to mention the violence and/or drunk-driving that will inevitably follow the announcement of the result). She’s probably right, though those intending to get blotto on election day who are in posession of more than half a brain will simply purchase their stash before the before the ban comes into effect.

It doesn’t affect me, since; a) I don’t drink and b) I don’t get a vote. But it’s nice to know that the powers that be have their priorities straight.

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