Barock me Obamadeus!

For the past couple of weeks I have been saying that “Obama will win, by a significant margin, if not a landslide“. That’s the third time in a row I have correctly forecast the outcome of a Presidential Election.

Self-praise aside, I am glad that the squawking is finally over for another four years. I am glad that the difference was so pronounced that nobody can accuse anyone of “stealing” the election. I’m glad that Hillary did not get in (sorry, but she scares me).

Most of all, I am glad that for the first time in twelve years, Florida didn’t matter.

We watched both the concession and victory speeches. Both were uncommonly civilized and seemed heartfelt. McCain responded with humility and no bitterness, and even silenced the booing from his supporters. Obama, as always, was in top form; it’s a shame that his grandmother did not live to see his finest hour.

I pray that our new President-elect does the right thing once in office, and that he really can be as effective as the majority of the voters think that he can be. I also hope that the “Change we can believe in” is also a change we can afford. Taxation should never be used as a form of class warfare.

Not long ago, I blogged that the nomination of an African-American as a Presidential Candidate was proof of the greatness of America. This holds doubly true of his election.

For those of you who were wondering, the title comes from a pronouncement by a seven-year-old niece (Hi Mak!!) who has been avidly following the Presidential Election. She even knows the Candidates are “Rockabama and… the other guy“. The fact that she lives in Illinois might have something to do with it.

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