Pond Scum

Here’s a letter I received a few months ago.What a great offer!At first glance, it looks like invitation to renew my domain. Only it isn’t. This isn’t the outfit who registers my domain, so they are obviously trying to “steal” my business.

It appears to have been written by a lawyer, as much of the verbiage is meaningless (“now is the time…”), or a statement of the obvious (“You must renew your domain name…”), with an occasional scare tactic thrown in (“Failure to renew…”).

The letter exhorts me to reply by 10/16/2008, though the registration does not come up for renewal until next February. Huh??

Thirdly, and most curiously, their rate is $30/year, compared with the $9/year I am currently paying.

Here’s a plain-English translation:

Hi there!

You don’t know us. We are Domain Registration of America.

We would like to poach your business from your current registrar, and we’re going to charge you more than three times as much as you are currently paying. What a great deal – sign up now!!

This is not a bill, though it sure looks like one.


Not so impressive now, is it?

And the moral of this story is: Read the small print.

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