No whining please!

For most of the past eight years I have listened to Democrats whining.

Ever since George W. Bush won the 2000 election (or more specifically, Bill Clinton lost it for Al Gore), I’ve been hearing variations-on-a-theme of “Bush stole the election” (no he didn’t – not one of those infamous recounts went Gore’s way).

Over the next four years I got sick of hearing the “Gore-got-more-votes-than-Bush-in-2000” chorus (true, but irrelevant – this is not a democracy, it is a Republic). Besides, Nixon got more votes than Kennedy in 1960. Where is the outrage about that one? Ah yes, your guy won that one…

GWB did not so much win in 2004 so much as Kerry lost. He had a plan, but nobody I know was able to find it. Similarly, it is my considered opinion that the Republicans lost in 2008 because McCain could not prove that he was not George W. Bush.

Eight years of Democrat moaning is at an end; they have the House, the Senate and the White House… so anything that happens from here on out is their fault..!

And so to my Republican friends, I beseech you, please do not descend to the moaning and griping that we have suffered these past eight years. You voted, your guy lost. It happens sometimes. It is not the end of the world, and there may even be some good to come out of this.

But please, no whining.

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