Conspiracy? Naah….

On my way to work, my typical route passes seven gas stations. This morning, they all posted the same price – $1.99. For all seven gas stations to post the same price is amazingly rare – I have collected gas prices for a consumer site since mid-2002, and I believe that this is the first time that this has happened.

I’m not complaining; I filled up two days ago for $1.76. As a rule I try to avoid filling up on Fridays or at weekends, since Thursday price spikes are not exactly unknown.

While on the subject of Gas Prices, Last July it was $4.29. Five months later it was $1.30. Can anybody make any sense of this? I can’t. None of the excuses that I have heard hold much water. There was talk of “glut and oversupply” caused by “falling demand”, but nobody I know is using significantly less gasoline, so that sounds like a load of old Tosh to me. So what  are the real reasons? Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Texas Oilman no longer in the White House.
  • Democratic Congress more likely to crucify oil companies than the Republicans.
  • Incoming President talking seriously about “alternative energy” (rather than the lip-service that we have been getting for the last eight years from the aforementioned Texas Oilman) has OPEC and Oil Companies soiling their collective underwear.
  • People are getting more and more cynical about Gas stations raising their prices in anticipation of disasters that may or may not happen.

One thing I have learned: When the Oil Companies – or the Media who read their press releases and call it “news” – tell us that “higher gas prices are coming” they are lying.

There is no “Oil Shortage”. It’s true that we have a shortage of refining capacity in the US, but that is because everyone, including me, wants refineries, but wants them to be somewhere else.

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