A tale of two peripherals

Final Score: BFG 1, Logitech 0

Some years ago, I purchased a Logitech Cordless MX Duo Mouse/Keyboard combination. I already had two cordless Logitech sets, and was more than pleased with them.  The Cordless MX Duo went on to become my favorite mouse and keyboard.

Years went by. The left button of the mouse stopped working. I did a little Googling and found out that this was a fairly common problem. I called Logitech, and told them about it. The gentleman who took my call told me that the item was out of warranty and that he could not help, as the mouse is no longer made.

Now I am old enough to remember the days when things were built to last; when they broke you fixed them. Being an “old-school” geek, I have some soldering skills; not “mad skillz”, to be sure, but enough to desolder and replace a switch on a mouse. I asked if it was possible to get a new switch, but the answer was “no”. No service, no parts, no help, no way, no how. Good bye and have a nice day. What a way to run a railroad.

I also had a BFG Asylum FX5900 AGP Video Card whose fans were getting noisy enough to be annoying. I called up BFG, and told them about the problem. The part was no longer made, but they agreed to replace it. I mailed them the card, and a week later a shiny new replacement – a GeForce 7300GT – arrived in the mail. In spite of the higher number and the fact that the new card has four times the memory as the old (512MB instead of 128MB), it is not quite as fast as the card it replaced… but that does not really matter. BFG did the right thing. What a welcome difference.

Compare the two; both parts were out of production. The Video Card was still working; and BFG could have hidden behind that fact, saying that “fans are not covered” or somesuch, but they did the right thing, even though it cost them. The mouse, on the other hand, was clearly broken – and mice are not supposed to “wear out” (I have at least four older Logitech mice that work perfectly). But Logitech did not offer me a replacement – or even a discount on a replacement, which they easily could have done. Instead, they took the easy way out and did nothing. Perhaps their selling over a billion mice has gone to their heads.

Guess which one will continue to get my business?

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