Tax Day Tea Party Protests

Yesterday was Tax Day – the deadline for filing your taxes if you owe the government money. Curiously, I am told that if you are owed a refund, there is no mention of a specific deadline. One can only assume that old Uncle Sam is in no hurry to give you your own money back..!

However, the big story yesterday was the huge number of Tax Protesters attending “Tea Parties” across the nation.

Naturally the mainstream media did the best it could to downplay the protest – usually by picking on the wackiest, weirdest person they could find in any given crowd – but the fact is that the protesters collectively numbered well over a million.

And they had a point. Unlike the original Boston Tea Party, however, this one was not so much about “Taxation without Representation” as it was about “Expenditure without Limitation”; the reckless abandon with which Congress is spending the earnings of the next three generations trying to shore up the economy by throwing wads of cash at loss-making businesses and industries (for instance: the day after PNC Bank was told that they would receive $7.7Bn in Stimulus money, they announced the takeover of National City Bank for the bargain-basement price of $6Bn. To this day they maintain that the timing was entirely coincidental ).

Unlike many of the protesters, I have no complaints about the amount of tax I pay – compared to Europe, we have it easy, but as we slide slowly towards Socialism, this will change. I do, however, have a philosophical problem with the Income Tax (too big a discussion to go into here), and would prefer a National Sales Tax such as the Fair Tax.

What I find most interesting is that many of the people who complained (rightly) about the cost of the Iraq war remain strangely silent on the pork-barrel bailout/stimulus bills that Congress has been passing lately without even reading them, each of which has cost us more than the entire Iraq war. Where’s the outrage, folks?

Well, those of you who voted for “change”, now you have it…

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