Memories of Paris

The high point of my recent trip to London was, ironically, the two days and one night we spent in Paris.

  • Paris’ reputation as the world’s capital of romance is secure; it seems that everywhere we looked there were young couples snogging (making out/canoodling/getting it on… you get the picture).
  • Paris is an extraordinarily beautiful city; I suspect that this has much to do with restrictions on building and developing.
  • It seems that Paris is the world capital of chain-smoking. This include the Young, Hip and Pretty, who are apparently too intelligent to do something this stupid in most other cities. While smoking inside buildings is prohibited, they make up for it by smoking everywhere else – this made it impossible to indulge in that most Parisian of pastimes, sitting at a roadside café and watching the world go by – there always seems to be a chain-smoker upwind of you. This intolerable if, like Milady you happen to be an asthmatic.
  • Public transport is cheap and works well (unlike London’s, which has gone to the proverbial dogs).
  • A twilight cruise down the Seine is an absolute must for the first-time visitor. Notable highlights included watching the Eiffel Tower light up like a giant sparkler, and getting mooned by a trio of young men on the riverbank as we went serenely sailing by.
  • We did not experience any of the rudeness that many Brits and Americans complain about. I suspect that this is because I tried to speak a few words of French where I could, instead of simply yelling at them in English.

Parisian Parking!

Bonsoir Paris!

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