The day the music died

Michael Jackson died today.

On hearing the news, I was reminded of the words of the song “American Pie”, speaking of the death of another musical legend.

But unlike Buddy Holly, Michael’s musical career was largely behind him.

More later…


While his death has come as a shock, I am surprised that it has not affected me as deeply as the loss of Princess Diana all those years ago. I think that it is probably because Michael’s best years are behind him. The twenty-first century has not been kind to Michael, the past ten years have been heavy on notoriety and light on music. With no new songs in the offing, his legacy is essentially complete, while Princess Diana was taken at 36, with many years still ahead of her.

The newsies are running around in circles, showing the same five-second clips for thew five-hundredth time interspersed with excerpts of YouTube Videos. Shame that they don’t actually have anything to report.

Motown and Sony Music are probably rubbing their hands together with glee. They must think that Christmas came early this year. Watch out for yet another repackaging of Michael’s greatest hits, all of which we have already heard and none of which will ever be a rarity, “collectible” or not.

[much later]

The plot thickens…

  • The autopsy results are overdue and then are delayed pending toxicology results.
  • Rumors fly and theories are… well.. theorized.
  • Michael’s heart was described as “strong”. So why did it stop beating?
  • Talking heads wibble and spin.
  • Michael’s Doctor talks to the police, then disappears, then reappears with a lawyer…

What a mess. The family must be going through hell…

Now Reading: Showstopper! by G. Pascal Zachary

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