Journey’s End

Just arrived in Clearwater, FL. Left home at 5:30 this morning, took 15 hours to drive 950 miles. Here are a few highlights:

  • Weathermen are not to be trusted. Over the past few days we checked the forecast several times, and all said variations on the theme of “clear weather with a 20% chance or precipitation at worst”. They were horribly wrong: it rained through all of Kentucky, most of Tennessee, and parts of Georgia had such heavy rain that I was hanging on for dear life and nearly had to pull over. The rain only really stopped at Valdosta, near the Florida state line. Old-testament prophets who were this spectacularly wrong were removed from the gene pool permanently, and yet we suffer incompetence from Meteorologists (along with traffic planners and financial advisers) with inexplicable equanimity.
  • While driving through the hills of Tennessee I saw a sign that said “Ruby Falls, Lookout Mtn.” I remember wondering which one I should feel sorrier for. Poor Ruby; Poor Mountain.
  • There are too many trucks on America’s roads. While I am against government involvement in private industry, it is a moot point; the government is already subsidizing the roads (by building them), so why not subsidize the railways and take some of that cargo off the freeway system? Ignore the yammering from the Teamsters; every trade guild does that when their power is threatened.
  • My three year old Godson rocks! He slept from Louisville to Atlanta, woke up, played at MacDonald’s, ate fries, watched some movies on Milady’s iPod, slept again, watched a couple more movies, and then, when we got to Florida, slept through the night. I could not have asked for better.
  • Atlanta drivers are maniacs. Nuff Said
  • MacDonald’s in Locust Grove, Ga, is a dump. Avoid at all costs.
  • There are some lazy bozos who believe that the left-hand lane belongs to them. They will stubbornly defend their right to camp out in the passing lane… until a cop shows up in their rear-view mirror, at which point they smartly move over…
  • Then there are the other lazy bozos who like to have a nap in the middle lane. While it is good to leave room for others at junctions, if someone is passing you on the right, it usually means you are in the wrong lane.
  • I did this run on only five hours’ of sleep, but I reached our destination in better shape than I thought I would, given my current fitness level. It seemed something of a mystery to me until milady informed me that she had been fasting and praying for me. Mystery solved.
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