The Boston (Market) Blues

On vacation (a real short one for me – I am returning to work tomorrow) in Florida.

After church, we had a hankering for Boston Market (all of the stores back home closed some years back). When we got to the first store, there were about fifty people lined up, and the drive-thru was closed.


What was most surprising to me was that almost everyone in the store was black; but these folks weren’t trailer-trash – most of them were exceedingly well-dressed. I looked around for a church van, but none was in evidence. So long was the line that I decided to head for another Boston Market.

Things were not much better at the second store, though this time the drive-thru was open, and the line was stretching around the parking lot and down a side street. In the store, I was intrigued to find that once again, the line was about 75% well-dressed black people; certainly not a representative mix of the local area (Clearwater), but since my heart was set on Boston Market, I got in line.The line was long, but fast-moving. Along the way to the counter I noticed that most of those in line were holding pieces of paper in their hands. On closer examination, they turned out to be coupons for $1 chicken meals.

I’ll leave the conclusions to you, dear reader.

P.S. Boston Market uses the smallest chickens I have ever seen in any fast-food restaurant.

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