Why I think global warming is bunk

You cannot open a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing someone blathering about Global Warming. Most of this so-called news reportage is simply “lazy journalism”, in which press releases are regurgitated as fact.

This is one of the reasons that I don’t watch the news. Thomas Jefferson once said “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but the newspapers“. The most avid news-watchers I know are also some of the most depressed people I know.

So why have I bucked the trend and rejected global waming?

  • When I was growing up back in the 70s, all of the experts were babbling about Global Cooling.
  • Geologically speaking, we are due for an Ice Age any moment now.
  • My electricity bill compares the average temperature this month with the average temperature a year ago. In the vast majority of cases, it is colder this year than last year.
  • Scientists cannot accurately forecast the weather a month from now. And yet they expect me to believe them when they tell me the temperature decades or centuries from now.
  • Even the experts cannot agree on Global Warming, which is why many of them have adopted the vaguer but more defensible “Climate Change”
  • Even if it is true, it is not necessarily a bad thing. As Jeremy Clarkson so picturesquely put it “Anything that results in  palm trees growing in London and Brussels (the Washington DC of Europe) under water is fine by me”.
  • This is a changing planet. It may get warmer, it may get colder. We are not guaranteed that tomorrow will be better than – or even the same as – today. Yes, perhaps we can do something; like stopping the Brazilians from razing the rainforest. Or getting China to burn less Fossil Fuels. Only we can’t; last time I looked, we did not run Brazil or China. That is a hard lesson for us Westerners to learn.

The bottom like is that I accept global warming as opinion – not as a fact. I will do what is reasonable to reduce my impact on the environment (recycling where possible, driving small-engined vehicles, avoiding air travel etc), but I also accept it as axiomatic that many of those who bleat loudest about the environment have no respect for it.

Now Reading: “Your Money or Your Life”, By David Cutler.

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